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Writing literary and artistic creation in the history of National Rejuvenation -- on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the publication of the speech at the Yan'an Symposium on literature and art

This is an important landmark node in the long volume of the Centennial party history and an epoch-making dazzling coordinate of Chinese literature and Art: 80 years ago, Comrade Mao Zedong's speech at the Yan'an Symposium on literature and art pointed out the right direction for Chinese revolutionary literature and art, and there was a bright light for the development of China's new literature and art. Culture prospers the country, sports prosper, culture is strong, and the nation is strong. Since its founding, the Communist Party of China has taken building a national, scientific and popular new culture of the Chinese nation as its mission, and actively promoted cultural construction and the prosperity and development of literature and art. Contemporary China has magnificent rivers and mountains, heroic people and great prospects. The new era has provided an unprecedented broad stage for the prosperity and development of China's literature and art. The eyes are filled with thousands of rivers and the chest is filled with millions of soldiers. The majority of literary and artistic workers work with the party in the same direction, keep pace with the times, express their feelings for the people, and strive to write the magnificent epic of national rejuvenation. Starting from Yan'an The National Museum of China has carefully built a 12 meter long wall for group photos of participants of Yan'an Literature and Art Symposium. In the huge black-and-white images, the simple and exciting faces freeze the time. China in 1942 was at a critical moment for the survival of the nation. The Yan'an Symposium on literature and art held in May this year had a profound impact on the development track of Chinese literature and art in the 20th century. Comrade Mao Zedong presided over a symposium on literature and art attended by literary and art workers and heads of central departments and delivered an important speech. He clearly pointed out that "the question of why people are a fundamental question, a question of principle" and "our literature and art are for the people". He issued a call to the broad masses of literary and artistic soldiers: promising writers and artists must go to the masses, unconditionally and wholeheartedly to the masses of workers, peasants and soldiers for a long time, and to the fiery struggle. Liu Baiyu, a participant and writer, later described: "I even feel that the weight of the whole world is condensed on China's Northwest Plateau and this piece of loess at this time, and in the hearts of everyone in this venue. Since then, Chinese literature, art and Chinese literary and art workers have undergone great changes." Among the people and in the fiery struggle, literary and artistic workers in the liberated areas rushed to the front line of the war of resistance against Japan, went deep into the countryside, troops and factories, and created a large number of works representing "Yan'an Literature and art": the novel "the sun shines on the Sanggan River", "storm", the short story "Xiao Er Hei's marriage", "Lotus Lake", the national opera "white haired girl", the folk song "Oriental red" and "turning over Daoqing"... Until today, These red classics are still enlightening. Literature and art for the people is a spiritual vein starting from Yan'an and running through the history of literature and art in New China. Comrade Deng Xiaoping said: "our literature and art belong to the people" and "the people are the mother of literary and art workers". Comrade Jiang Zemin urged the majority of literary and artistic workers to "create art in the historical creation of the people and create artistic progress in the progress of the people". Comrade Hu Jintao stressed: "only by putting the people at the top of their hearts, always with the people, and adhering to the people-centered creative orientation, can the tree of art be evergreen." History opens a new page. "Socialist literature and art, in essence, is the literature and art of the people"; "There are 100 or 1000 literary and artistic creation methods, but the most fundamental, critical and reliable way is to take root in the people and life"; "Literature and art should not lose its direction in the tide of market economy and should not deviate from the question of why people are, otherwise literature and art will have no vitality"; "Chinese writers and artists should become the forerunners, pioneers and advocates of the trend of the times, write and record the great practice of the people and the progress requirements of the times through more literary and artistic works with muscles, bones, morality and temperature, and highlight the beauty of faith and Sublimity"; …… 72 years apart, the two art symposiums echo each other. The same heroes gather together, speak freely, care about the people and have the same feelings of family and country. The two symposiums came down in one continuous line and kept pace with the times, becoming a landmark milestone in the development of Chinese literature and art. Forge ahead along the irreversible road of great rejuvenation and embark on a new journey of great rejuvenation. Writers and artists in the new era adhere to the "two for" direction and the "double hundred" policy, adhere to creative transformation and innovative development, sing for the people on a broader stage, cast the soul of the times, and better build the Chinese spirit, Chinese value and Chinese strength. Consistent feelings of the people The high pitched folk songs of Northern Shaanxi, the cheerful Ansai waist drum and the long and thick Humai are intertwined and echoed in Yan'an, Shaanxi. On May 20, 2022, Wulan Muqi of Inner Mongolia came to the starting point of new China's literature and art to perform for the local people and draw strength from the Yan'an spirit. Taking the people as the center is not only the echo of history, but also the proposition of the times. For more than 60 years, generations of Wulan pastoral riders have trekked around the Gobi and grassland, taking the sky as the curtain and the earth as the stage to convey the voice and care of the party, send joy to the majority of farmers and herdsmen, and become a banner of the national literary and artistic front. The long-term prosperity of Wulan Muqi shows that people need art, and art also needs people. "Rivers and mountains are the people, and the people are rivers and mountains. It is the duty of writers to write for the people." Tie Liu, the winner of Lu Xun Literature Award and writer, took Liu Qing's writing "history of entrepreneurship" as an example, went deep into the countryside for 14 years of "rescue" interviews, wrote a long documentary literature "backer" to reproduce the moving front story, and was rated as "China's good book" in 2021. He sincerely lamented: "going deep into life and taking root in the people is like drilling a well. The water is as sweet as the well is deep." Adhere to the people-centered creative orientation, go deep into life, focus on reality, concentrate on creative work, and constantly cultivate. China's literary and artistic undertakings have a new pattern, a new realm and a new atmosphere. The art garden is full of flowers and fruitful achievements—— The film "me and my motherland", "Changjin Lake", the TV series "mountain and sea feelings", "the awakening era", the novel "the world" and "the protagonist", the dance drama "the eternal radio wave", the drama "Gu Wenchang", the Henan Opera "Jiao Yulu"... Excellent works with temperature, strength and strength emerge in endlessly, which stimulate extensive emotional resonance. Taking meeting the people's spiritual and cultural needs as the starting point and foothold of literature and art and literary and artistic work, the majority of literary and artistic workers enthusiastically carried out voluntary service activities such as "going to the people" and "sending joy to the grass-roots level", went deep into more than 400 prefectures, cities, districts and counties, trained more than 200000 grass-roots literary and artistic backbone, and let the light of literature and art illuminate every corner of the grass-roots level. Beijing, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Henan, Hubei, Xinjiang and other seven provinces, autonomous regions and cities have promoted the pilot project of "literature and art into thousands of families and healthy you, me and him" new era civilization practice literature and art voluntary service project, organized and carried out more than 8000 various literature and art voluntary service activities, and made positive contributions to the construction of the new era civilization practice center and enriching the spiritual and cultural life of the grass-roots people. Recently, the Ministry of culture and tourism will organize a theme exhibition to commemorate the 80th anniversary of Comrade Mao Zedong's speech at the Yan'an Literature and Art Symposium. At the same time, it will hold an online exhibition of excellent plays, and classic plays such as opera "white haired girl", Beijing Opera "three dozen ZHUJIAZHUANG", Qin opera "Wang GUI and Li Xiangxiang" will be presented again; The State Administration of radio and television held "commemorating the 80th anniversary of the publication of the speech at the Yan'an Symposium on literature and art - A Theoretical Seminar on promoting the prosperity and development of radio and television and network audio-visual literature and art in the new era"; The China Federation of literary and art circles will organize a theoretical seminar to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the publication of Comrade Mao Zedong's speech at the Yan'an Symposium on literature and art, and will also organize well-known art and photography artists to go to Yan'an and Zhaojin, Shaanxi Province to carry out wind collection and creation activities; The Chinese Writers Association held a series of commemorative activities such as the special exhibition "to the people's land", showing classic works and highlighting the new look of the times Years and months are like songs, rivers and mountains are like pictures; Spirit is like a torch and faith is like a rock. On the road of rejuvenation, the banner of "literature and art for the people" is becoming more and more bright! Sound the horn of advancing the times Literature and art is the clarion call for the advancement of the times. It can best represent the style of an era and lead the atmosphere of an era. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the theatrical performance "great journey" shows the glorious course of the Communist Party of China in the past century, inspires the spirit and inspires the fighting spirit; The Gala to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, struggle, Chinese people, reproduces the great course of generations of Chinese people's unremitting struggle for national independence and national prosperity and strength, which has aroused great resonance; "Our 40 years", a gala celebrating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, vividly depicts the magnificent changes brought about by reform and opening up, and shows the heroic feelings of the whole nation on a new journey; …… In the retrospect and inheritance of art, the imprint of family and country feelings is clearly visible. One side of the stage, performing a century of elegance. On the occasion of the centenary of the Communist Party of China, a large number of stage art classics reflecting the Centennial course of the party, such as the national opera "the daughter of the party", the Peking Opera "the red light", and the ballet "the Red Detachment of women", appeared on the stage of the new era again and spread out a colorful historical picture. It is the portrait of the times, the biography of the times, and the morality of the times. From the song and dance drama "Ode to the earth", which tells the story of targeted poverty alleviation, to the long reportage work "rural country is" which gives a panoramic description of China's struggle against poverty; From the drama "people first", which shows the great spirit of fighting the epidemic, to the theme song "firmly believe that love will win"... Establish a great outlook on history and the times, take the socialist core values as the soul, write the beauty of the times in literature and art in the new era, highlight the power of faith and promote the right path among people. Under the guidance of the "five one projects" and other national awards for the construction of spiritual civilization, a large number of literary and artistic works with profound ideas, exquisite art and excellent production stand out. "In the face of every important historical juncture and major historical event, literary and artistic workers have never been absent, and have always been closely linked to the future and destiny of the country and the nation." Tie Ning, chairman of the China Federation of literary and art circles and chairman of the China Writers' Association, said. "Literature and art should shape people's hearts, and creators should first shape themselves." "The word 'actor' is heavy, full of the honor earned by our predecessors, the responsibility entrusted by the times and the ardent expectations of the people." Li Xuejian, a film performing artist, said that actors are duty bound to provide spiritual food for the people; To contribute spiritual strength to the nation is a big actor

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The Standing Committee of Guangdong provincial Party committee held a meeting and Li Xi presided over the meeting

Li Xi, Secretary of the provincial Party committee, presided over the meeting. We should earnestly study and understand it and pay close attention to its implementation. First, we should take standardizing and guiding the healthy development of capital as an important part of leading economic work, correctly understand and grasp the characteristics and behavior laws of capital, and promote capital to better serve high-quality development. Second, we should standardize and guide the healthy development of all kinds of capital in our province, and give full play to the positive role of capital as an important factor of production. Improve the scientificity and accuracy of the market access list and set up a "traffic light" for capital; Strive to create a fair competition market order, strengthen anti-monopoly and anti unfair competition law enforcement, stimulate capital vitality and promote orderly development through fair competition; Focus on preventing and resolving major risks, and deal with and resolve risks as soon as possible; Adhere to the "two unwavering", implement the policies and measures of "ten articles for private economy" and "25 articles for helping enterprises" in our province, and support and help the healthy development of private capital. Third, we should strengthen coordination, linkage and whole chain supervision, and comprehensively improve the efficiency of capital governance. Party committees and governments at all levels in the province should earnestly assume the main responsibility and comprehensively strengthen territorial supervision. All relevant functional departments should strengthen the division of labor and cooperation. If laws and regulations are not clear, the supervision responsibility should be fully implemented in accordance with the principle of "who approves, who supervises, who is in charge and who supervises". We should strengthen anti-corruption in the field of capital, cultivate a civilized, healthy, upward and good faith culture, educate and guide capital subjects to practice the core socialist values, stress credibility, social responsibility and follow the right path in the world. It has pointed out the way forward and provided fundamental guidance for China's youth movement and youth work in the new era. First, we should earnestly enhance the sense of political responsibility and historical mission of doing a good job in the work of the Guangdong Communist Youth League and youth in the new era. Based on the fundamental plan of having successors for the party's cause, firmly grasp the fundamental task of cultivating socialist builders and successors, pay close attention to the work of the Communist Youth League and youth, strive to cultivate new people of the times who are worthy of the important task of national rejuvenation, and inject a steady stream of youth force into the realization of the mission and task entrusted to Guangdong by the general secretary. Second, the general secretary of the Youth League at all levels should constantly promote the implementation of the organization and service of the Youth League in the province. We should make great efforts to become a political school that always leads the ideological progress of Chinese youth, adhere to educating talents for the party, arm young people with the party's innovative theory, and guide young people to listen to and follow the party; We should make great efforts to always be the vanguard force in organizing the permanent struggle of Chinese youth, guide the majority of young people to have the "big country" in mind, actively participate in the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Great Bay area, Shenzhen first demonstration area "double zones" and Hengqin and Qianhai cooperation zones, and effectively play the role of a new force and commando; We should work hard to become the strongest bridge between the party and young people, go deep into the grass-roots level, take root in young people, grasp the ideological trends in time, and do practical things and solve problems for young people by all means; We should work hard to become an advanced organization that closely follows the party and is at the forefront of the times, comprehensively deepen the reform of the Communist Youth League, be strict in managing the league, and be a loyal assistant and reliable reserve force of the party. Third, we should strengthen the leadership of the Party committee over the work of the Communist Youth League and youth, and provide a strong guarantee for the growth and success of the majority of young people. Party committees (Party groups) at all levels in the province should unswervingly adhere to the party's leadership over the Communist Youth League, devote great enthusiasm and energy to youth work. Party organizations at all levels in the province should thoroughly implement the system and mechanism of Party building leading League building and support the Communist Youth League to carry out its work creatively. All relevant units in all localities should pay close attention to youth work, care for and support the work of the Communist Youth League, and build a broad stage and create a good environment for the growth and progress of young people, innovation and entrepreneurship. (Xinhua News Agency)


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